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Boiron Cocyntal Baby Colic Age 1-6 months 30 doses

Boiron Cocyntal Baby Colic Age 1-6 months 30 doses
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Product Code: 101820
Manufacturer: Boiron
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For natural relief of symptoms associated with colic, including gas pain and irritability.

Cocyntal helps relieve colic and colic-like symptoms in babies 1 to 6 months of age

Cocyntal’s sterile water–based formulation contains no sugar, no colouring and no preservatives, so it is gentle on baby’s developing digestive system.  It is an effective solution for soothing colicky infants – and their parents!

Cocyntal comes packaged in drinkable unit-doses that are sterile, unbreakable and easy to administer.

Directions:  administer one drinkable unit dose.  If symptoms persist, repeat at 15 minute intervals for up to 2 unit doses.  Repeat dosing regimen as required with subsequent episodes of colic symptoms for up to a total of 12 unit doses per day.

Easy to use, single use doses.  30 x 1 ml dose.


DIN-HM:  80014019

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