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Boiron - Sinusalia Sinus Congestion 60 orodispersible tablets

Boiron - Sinusalia Sinus Congestion 60 orodispersible tablets
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Product Code: 100658
Manufacturer: Boiron
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Sinusalia is a homeopathic medicine for the treatment of nasal congestion and pain related to sinus inflammation.

Sinusalia is the solution for those people who tend to suffer from sinusitis (stuffy nose and facial pain and pressure) when colds or allergies strike.

This product does not cause drowsiness.

Medicinal Ingredients include:

  • Belladonna 3CH
  • Sanguinaria Candensis 3CH
  • Spigelia Anthelmia 3CH

Directions:  adults and children 12 years and up take 2 tablets, every 2 hours up to 6 times per day.  Dissolve the tablets under your tongue.  Reduce with improvement.

60 orodispersible tablets per box.


DIN-HM:  80017121

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