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Flora - CircuVein 500 mg 60 vegetarian capsules

Flora - CircuVein 500 mg 60 vegetarian capsules
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Product Code: 105670
Manufacturer: Flora
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Flora's CircuVein is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of varicose and spider veins within just 2 months!
The first product of its kind, CircuVein alleviates symptoms of varicose veins, and repairs and strenghtens blood vessels.  This clinically-proven formula also relieves symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  • helps alleviate symptoms (swelling, heavy sensation) of varicose veins/chronic venous insufficiency
  • relieves symptoms (pain, edema, bleeding) associated with acute and chronic hermorrhoidal diseases
  • acts as an antioxidant and supports veins by reducing swelling
  • protects and tones vascular blood vessels to prevent leakage, swelling and heaviness
  • formulated for optimum absorption
  • safe for long term use.

Directions:  take 3 capsules twice daily for the first 4 days, take 2 capsules twice daily for the next 3 days, then 1 capsule twice daily after completing the loading days.

500 mg, 60 vegetarian capsules.


NPN:  80028881

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