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Symons' Super Mix 400 tablets

Symons' Super Mix 400 tablets
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Symons' Super Mix tablets are a nutrient-rich blend of premium ingredients for the promotion and maintenance of good health.

Super Mix tablets contain alkalizing and mineralizing superfoods that provide vital phytonutrients needed for proper metabolic functioning, promoting more energy and a more youthful zest for living.

Each tablet contains alfalfa leaf, millet seed, buckwheat seed, rosehips fruit, kelp leaf and iodine.

Symons' Super Mix has been called the ideal food supplement by health professionals and consumers for over 70 years.  First formulated in 1940 by Ernie Symons of Rocanville, Saskatchewan to promote good health it has been satisfying customers in Canada, the United States and as far away as Europe and Asia.

Directions:  take 3 tablets 3 times daily.

NPN:  80019233

Also available in 200 gram powder on our new website at

Also available in 200 tablets on our new website at

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